Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh Whole Wheat Pizza!

We like to make our pizza crust at home because we like a thin and crispy wheat crust. We hadn't really planned on having pizza last night but once Cap mentioned it we were both sold. We could think of nothing else. We knew we had most of what we needed but the most important item was missing. The crust, we had no wheat flour. SO we popped into the big box store for a bag and passed something else on our way out. That something sparked in my brain and popped right out my mouth. "Lets use a wheat tortilla!" said I, "Great idea!" said he. So we ditched the idea of making our own and tossed a few tortillas into the oven for a quick crisp up. They were the perfect texture and oh so beautifully thin!

The captain cooked the chicken up while I slivered some onion. We smeared some spaghetti sauce on the crispy crusts, loaded them up with chicken, onion, a dash of seasoning, and cheese before swinging them back into the oven for a little cheese melting time.

My husband and my mom both like a little extra sauce, so Captain America loaded up more sauce on his, with a little jalapeno too, and mom just added sauce on the top of hers after we loaded our plates.

I despise red sauce so I put as little as possible on and I added yellow cheese to mine too.

We both had chicken and onions though, and we all love thin crust! It's a family thing, except for my poor step-son. He loves bread so we usually do something a little something extra when he's around.
It was super fantastic, really cheap, so good for you, and totally delicious!

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