About Amy

Hi there, I'm Amy. I have a pretty common name and I have always had a classmate or a co-worker named Amy. I even have a BFF named Amy. Since she's older than me, she always thinks she's Amy #1, well where do you think that leaves me? Let's just say that no one (I mean no one) wants to have the words "number 2" attached to their name. Would you? I didn't think so. So my name is often changed, and I've always kindof liked it. People call me Amos, Ames (pronounced: Aims), Am (say: Aim) even Amos Moses the Great Space Alien by some who like to annoy. I think I've always liked my name, common as it is. I've always felt that it's a special, endearment, sort of name.
I have a very handsome and scrumptious husband who I have been married to for close to four years. Though it doesn't seem like four years have gone by. He's been the love of my life since I was fifteen years old. During the last thirteen or fourteen years we were apart for seven between highschool and our marriage. That story is about four days worth of blogging right there. We'll get to it sometime. My husband has an amazing and handsome and perfect son who is now ten years old. He's my soul mate. I know, you'd think it would be his dad right? Nope, though I like his dad a lot, my step-son and I are snugglers, and Dad just gets far too hot for that. He doesn't like it.
We live in a small house, in a smallish town, in South-West Missouri. You could find us on the map and we hope to raise about four more kids in this town.
There are many things we dream of doing. We'd love to travel abroad. We enjoy traveling anywhere stateside too. I'd dream of opening a restaurant, my handsome hubs is an avid history buff and I think he'd be a great high school teacher. He has a great time with the career he's in and it'll make for captivating stories someday when the history lessons start to bore young minds, like it did mine. So maybe after he retires he'll find a class or two to teach. It's so weird to think of retirement so early in our lives, but time really does fly.
I am nearing my 30th year mark. I'm still thinking about how I feel about that. I don't think I'll go into any dramatic moment. I'm pretty sure I still feel about 16 though. It's rather odd to tell people my age, since I don't really believe it, I always feel like I'm lying. They believe me though. Nobody ever says "Gee! Ya look like you're sixteen!"
I mentioned before that we'd hope to add (at least!) four kids to our family. We've been working on that and there seems to be an issue. It's become something we're looking into.
I love to cook, I always have. I have loved vegetables for as long as I can remember. When I was four years old I was astounded to learn that my mom and dad had planted real food right out in the backyard, I learned about a garden that year. All we had to do was pick! We could eat tomatoes whenever we wanted to. I still love garden fresh tomatoes. I had my first harvest from my own garden last year and am expecting an even greater harvest this year. Don't you love the word harvest. It feels like magic. To plant a little speck in some dirty dirt and watch as a whole, edible piece of fruit or vegetable grows right up out of the ground. I'm think I could be a vegetarian. They're my favorite food group, besides chocolate and cheesecake.