Friday, February 11, 2011


I love to tell this story about my brother when he was sixteen. There was this new girl at work, he worked at the mall, and he really liked her. He talked about her a lot, we'd have to say "which one? Heather or Heather?". There were two of them. He'd say "Heather". Ahhh, Heather. It was really cute. Then one day I got to meet her. I had long curly hair which for some reason I had brushed out...? Why? Who knows. It was beyond frizz. I opened the door and there they were. My cute little brother with this cute little blond, and she said, "Wow! I love your hair!" I was like, no way sister, but I love you already!
Come to find out, her first day at work, while she was chatting with a couple other employees, the kids walks up and slings his arm around her shoulders and says "I'm gonna marry this girl". And they grew up and got married and had beautiful babies and she's still as cute and sassy as the day I met her. I just didn't know how sassy she was then.
Happy Birthday Heather Feather! I love ya!

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