Sunday, August 26, 2012

On a Roll!

In case we're not facebook friends, I had to post this.

Today I dedicated this video to all the two-timin', sneakin' around, cheaters out there.

Seems like there's one in every family.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

To Whom It May Concern...

If you're not a Christian, not attempting to be Christlike, then this is not for you. IF you are a Christian there are a few things I think that we as a nation are forgetting...

1. Respect your political leaders.
Even Saul was chosen by God to be king and David who was next in line by God's design was not willing to harm him. He ran for his own life but he did not threaten Saul's.

2. Respect your elders.
We have elders for a reason and I am the first to mentally yell at the older folks. Not the people I know personally but the bad drivers and the oblivious walkers. No matter how wrong they are I am wrong too.

3. Don't judge the sins around you.
Though I wouldn't steal someones husband and/or kill to cover it up, I have never been called a woman after God's own heart.  I don't really even know what that is supposed to mean but David, king, adulterer, & murderer was called just that. This man danced (naked!) through his city in worshipful praise to my God. I don't think that Gods is expecting that from any of us today but... Would I if he did?

4. Be worthy of the calling you have received!
Live your life in a way that rings honor and glory to God, even in the eyes of those who do not know him. Avoid appearance of evil, most of us have the basics down; don't drink, swear, cheat, steal, and we teach our kids not to push, hit, lie, even chew with their mouths open! What we teach them by example though, is to talk about people who have offended us, to be defiant when we dislike the rules or the leaders, that's its okay to be rude, cutting, short, or sarcastic to our spouses, and usually we don't say sorry for any of these things.

As a Christian, it is so important to do the right thing, especially when it's against our will. Especially when it's not a "written" rule.
Did you just step around litter on the sidewalk? Laugh when the Librarian shushed you? Sneer at the old woman who cut you off at Walmart? As Christians, it is our honor to be the example of Christ, especially when everyone else isn't.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

No Apologies!

I have a firm, no guilt, policy for my blog... Never say sorry for not writing. I've read it a hundred times on other blogs and it ALWAYS sounds so dumb in my head. Like I was waiting on the telephone on hold for 3 weeks. So sorry, but I won't say sorry! I love you though and I am blogging in my heart every day!

In other news, I think we might be moving! We've been led on by a lender, with a closing date that came and went, for nearly 60 days! So we finally got smart and we're talking with another lender. We should have a definite answer on Wednesday...with a closing date I hope!

Our ideal situation is that we move out of our tiny but 4 years new cookie cutter house and into a spacious and rather interesting 42 year old house. Oh the kitchen! Oh the rec room! Oh the huge garage and giant shed in the back yard! I am ready for some counter space, an extra cupboard or two, and some shelves to organize all my crap in the garage! I have totes, three or four, filled with gift bags, tissue paper, shirt boxes, and loads of ribbon. I love to wrap gifts, but in my current situation I would have to be an acrobat to get to my supplies! Don't even let me start on the stash of Easter/Valentine's Day fun I have in another tote or the millions of totes filled with Christmas decor. I will myself to purge the stuff that I have held onto and not used. This is going to be so refreshing!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Don't stay together for the kids sake. Stay in love for the kids sake.

Pride - which doesn't let us apologize
Selfishness - which convinces us to put our own "happiness" (more like "feel good" moments) before that of our families or spouse
Arrogance - convinces us that we are worth the pain we put others through

You don't have a right to be happy. You have a right to love your spouse.
You don't deserve the first apology, you deserve to give it.
You are not worth the pain you cause others.
You are not incapable of denying yourself.
You don't think its fair to stay together for the kids sake? Don't. Stay in love for the kids sake.

This song was recorded by the Dixie Chicks and it so applies to the DECADE that it took for me to balance my life after my parents divorce.

I've sure enjoyed the rain but I'm looking forward to the sun
You have to feel the pain when you lose the love you gave someone
I thought by now the time would take away these lonely tears
I hope you're doin' fine all alone but where do I go from here
Cause without you I'm not okay
And without you I've lost my way
My heart's stuck in 2nd place
Without you
Well I never thought I'd be here without you by my side
It seems unreal to me, that the life you promised was a lie
You made it look so easy, turning love into memories
I guess you got what you wanted, but what about me