Monday, February 21, 2011

Amos Dawn

I started public high school when I was 13 years old, after home schooling from 1st grade through 8th. I had lots of friends from church that were in my school and so I didn't feel like a stranger, and it helped that my sister and I were going into our freshman year together. There was this girl who was a friend of another girl from church. Her name was Amy, and she was the goofiest, most silly, most OBNOXIOUS person I had ever met! She never took a day seriously and would chase her pals around and goof off ALL THE TIME! I was astounded! I was intrigued. I watched her, a lot because we had every other hour together. Four out of 7 classes I would see this gal act like a nut! She was the funniest girl I had ever met! Soon after that, she asked me to help her with an English project. I was to be a model for her civil war re-enactment women's clothing that she was giving an educational speech about. She lifted my skirts and showed off my slips, she talked about corsets and undergarments, nothing was off limits! I loved the clothes and I loved her! I must have really expressed my interest in her topic because she invited me to join her family as they participated in an actual re-enactment, clothes, cannons, camping, everything! We had a blast! That was sixteen years ago and I have loved every moment of being her friend. The laughter and the tears have all become precious memories that I love to wander through. She is still the same goofy girl I met in English class but she's also a beautiful woman who is so sweet and patient.
Happy Birthday Amy #1, I'll always be your #2!


  1. Although I do not remember being sooo obnoxios as you say, I am sooo glad you started high school bc I dont know how i wouldve turned out in my life if i didnt have you and your family in my life, Thanks sooo much for writting that beautiful story about little ole me! {-:

  2. You were just SOOO comfortable being SOOO silly! I loved every minute of it, and still do. You bring out my inner goofball. I love you!