Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Let's see, updates updates...

Okay, Captain America is home from GA and we are adjusting to the idea of shipping him back out the door in a few days. We have had what will be a little more than three weeks on Monday.

He'll be going to Florida this time and after the first couple of days I'll be stalking along behind him... on my way to hang with his fam at the beach.

I had really hoped to be pregnant by the time he left, I guess it'll have to happen in Florida.

I really miss my little brother's family! Must. Go. Visit. Soon.

I found some place to buy raw milk. Google it and think "cream". Total yum, and soo healthy, um, for your cat, that is. It is illegal to sell raw milk, for human consumption.

Speaking of cats, I got a kitten. I was hoping it would prove to be a girl, but it was a boy. Anyway, if it had been a girl I might have begged the cap to let me keep it. Since it was a boy though, I wasn't very concerned. I thought I could re-home it easily on craigslist, or even wal-mart, yeah, didn't happen. He went to the pound. Yep, all because nobody wanted a sweet little kitten. I'm pretty sick about it. Poor kitty. I believe he's cute enough that he found a home.