Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Weather!

I think we're about to get slammed by some snow! If you have a hole, you'd better snuggle in with a thick book and a hot cup of coffee! As for me, I don't have any thick book to read, I read it last night. I do have plenty of coffee and a couple of new magazines I might dig into. I'm hoping to talk someone into a fierce game of Battleship or Uno... Any takers?
On different note, I finally took pictures of my blouses! Well, 4 of the 5 anyway. I didn't take a picture of my britches since they're rather basic. Jeans or black slacks. I'll be posting those as soon as I get back to my desktop.
Stay warm and keep a candle handy!

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Hair

Most of the time I do my hair like this:

It's just SO easy!

Every now and then I do my hair like this.

Sometimes I let it down like this.

I'm in the black jacket.

Now... I do my hair like this!!!

Ta da! YES! It's really me! :)

PS, that's blouse #1

Pre-Spring Cleaning, Part 2

Wow, have I been busy!
I cleaned the garage for two of the last three days. We'll that's not to say that the garage is clean, just that I've been working on it. I re-arranged stuff, hauled stuff to the attic, re-boxed and organized boxes of junk, threw out boxes of junk. I actually threw out some old photos, and I never do that.
I swept, sorted, stacked, and produced sweat! Okay, I didn't sweat, I never do that either. But there's real and visible progress and it feels great!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pre-Spring Cleaning

While I was trying to figure out how to keep my gift wrap handy, accessible, and organized my [brilliant] mom and I came up with a little laundry room conversion. We got an idea to hang the ribbon & wrapping paper from the wall and let the dryer do double duty as a gift wrap station. Since this photo was taken I have added another rod for paper. These can be switched out as needed but are so convenient to keep that wrap available. You can't see it but between the wall and the dryer is a desk-top file folder sorter that I've filed many rolls of paper into for organization and easy grab-ability. I am sure this in going to continue to evolve and as that happens I'll keep you up to date.

Above the rolls of paper and ribbons, on the shelf, are some other goodies. The baskets and boxes contain ribbons, bubble wrap, bows, small boxes, pens, scissors, tape, greeting cards, and gift tags. Nearly the entirety of my collection. I just can't get enough!


Four score and seven years ago... er wait, I mean 30 years ago today there was a beautiful little pink baby born. She was destined to do many beautiful things in her life. She grew up to be a kind and loving person who sees something good in everyone she meets. God planned two precious pink babys for her and gave her a husband who is ugly and rude, but he also gave her the heart to love him. I had the honor of meeting her almost 8 years ago and in my heart I prayed that she needed a friend, because I knew she was a gem and I wanted to put her in my heart's pocket and keep her there forever. She has loved me and supported me through my worst and ugliest days and I will thank God forever that he gave me a friend like Kesi.
Happy 30th Birthday Kesi!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Boots

I have over estimated the worth of black ballet flats in more than an inch of snow... Even my tennis shoes got soaked, and I was just on the sidewalk. So a couple of nights ago I bought my first pair of snow boots, ever. Well, since I was a pre-teen anyway. They're black, with a smidge of fluff around the top, not the trendy kind really, just a cute pair, something more my style (which is rather un-trendy). I love them. I do!

Unicorns i love them
Unicorns i love them
Uni uni unicorns i loove them

Have you seen Despicable Me? Ya gotta, just for the (fluffy!) unicorn obsessed tot. It's how I feel about my snow boots.

So, I'd really like to say I didn't want to buy a pair of snow boots, but I've wanted one for years and so I have to admit, I'm really excited about them!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tis The Season for...Birthdays!!!

Man oh man, let the parties begin! I have at least 5 important women in my life who have birthdays all within 30 days of one another. That doesn't even count the minimum of 7 children who also fall within or very close to those same 30 days! Once the holidays pass, we gear up for birthday season in this family! If there's anything I love as much as Christmas, it's birthdays! I think the idea of a person having their own special day, all about them, with the possibility of being perfect is the most idealistic fantastic and marvelous thing in the world! I think every one should feel loved on their birthdays, even if they don't deserve it. In the same way I love to find Christmas gifts so perfect for the person who opens it, I love to birthday shop! I shop weeks, even months in advance in some cases! Oh, and I am a sucker for a sappy birthday card, especially Hallmark...
So, here's to all you special people in my life who are about to have your special days.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Update on Wardrobe Project

I donated 2 huge bags of clothes, currents from the closet, and it still feels crowded. I have "cheated"(?)twice by wearing something not on the list of previously chosen items. I have also added a few scarves to my wardrobe, and I feel no remorse. I wore my pearls for Christmas and a few days thereafter since they were traveling with me. I am considering (did I already say this?) adding earrings a once or twice a week, and have worn them a couple of times in the past few weeks. I have my camera and it's in working order (miraculously!) so I will begin the photo sessions this week, probably before I clean out the garage.

I'm off to count my gray hairs.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'd Rather be Fishing...

The top 10 Things I'd rather be doing than cheating on my husband:
10.Shopping at the mall.
9. Shoveling snow.
8. Cleaning the bathtub
7. Working out.
6. Paying bills.
5. Watching paint dry.
4. Picking my toenails.
3. Going to see a movie.
2. Reading a book.
1. Hanging with my girlfriends.

You see, I spent years dreaming, wishing, hoping, and most of all, praying to have a second chance to be with this man. To love him, to honor him, to be his wife, to love his children, and to kiss his lips again is more than I thought possible. We were talking tonight about how UN-interested we are in any other person(s) and how strange it seems that people have extra-marital affairs, and how there are a million other things in our lives that we'd rather be doing than sneaking around on each other. I think his top three went like this:
3. Working out at the gym.
2. Watching TV
1. Eating Chinese food.

Me, being me, I laid in bed thinking beyond the top three. I wanted more. I could go further than 10, but I think you get the picture. I realized, there in the dark, that prayer works. I spent years praying that our relationship could be restored. I gave up a few time along the way and sometimes I thought I would never feel those lips on mine again. I wouldn't trade him for anything, or anyone. I will thank God for him everyday, as long as I live.

That's not to say that we haven't had our low points. We have, just like any other couple. We know how problems develop. We go out of our way to avoid the extra big ones, like suspicion or jealousy. We call each other all the time, we always text when we have a spare minute. We don't go out with our buddies and drink. We tell each other what we plan to do and when we plan to be done. We come home right after work or play and we are happy to. It's not like we feel like we have to, it's more like we want each other to know. To know about our days, to know about our experiences, and to know we never want to make each other worry. We also pray for each other, and with each other. We have Christian friends who are also married and interested in being good Christian spouses. We have relationships with our in-laws and we talk about our dreams and our future. We keep each other in mind when we think about what to wear. He likes to wear the colors I love on him, I try to buy things I think he'll appreciate. I don't wear things that reveal what is only for my husband, and he doesn't ask me to. We've only been married a little over 4 years, but we plan to make a strong foundation on which to build the rest of our lives. When we met in high school, he was so cute and he was everything I could have dreamed up. He was funny and silly and respectful and he had the best smile. He loved my family, sometimes more than I wanted him to. My little brother got to hang out with us more times than I would have liked. My mom and dad loved him. He went to boot camp with my sister, and she told him first when she found out she was pregnant. He fit right in, and he still does. Most of all, he's still everything I've ever wanted and I'd rather do anything than let him go.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Missing Camera, Take 2

So my silly sister-in-law called me today, while we were text-ing. She was practically yelling and I could tell she was about to tell me something good. Those are the best kind of calls, don't you think? Okay, so she said "Amy! We're playing outside today and Aubry just came up to me and said 'Mommy, who's camera is this?'!" It was mine! So my precious camera has spent the last month or so out in the freezing rain and snow! She turned it on and could look at all my pictures, though there was some condensation on the screen. Amazing, if you ask me! I cannot wait to get my hands on it and see how it works. She was pretty sure it would dry right up so WHOO HOO!
I go to Kansas City to get my Mom tomorrow! Yesterday, I believe she was at Hyde Park. Rumor has it that she took a picture of Peter Pan while she was there.