Friday, May 14, 2010

My first trip inside Krispy Kreme

I was introduced to the restaurant side of my favorite drive-thru doughnut shop by my good friend, Lorrie. You can always tell a good friend by how they feed you, don't you think? Let me tell you how this happened.
This is a rack that the doughnuts are transported on, up and down, row after row, until they have been in the warming oven long enough to rise. Can you see anything there?

After they rise, they are dumped (or turned) off the rack into a river of hot oil. The oil will fry them on one side as they're guided to the next station.

Once the first side has been fried for the propper amount of time, the doughnuts arrive at the next check point: the flipper! Yes, I'm sure that's the official name for it. There, just behind the window glare, the doughnuts are being turned golden side up.

They'll be guided through this frying river in the same manner that they were the last. Then onto the dripping rack.

That's what happens just before the most important step of the whole process. Can you guess? Did you say GLAZE? I thought so.

Dripping, flowing, oozing, sweetness, coats the entire surface of the beautiful fried ring. The end result? Perfection!

We happened to be watching the process unfold and found out that lucky ducks like us, who stop by when the HOT sign is lit up, get a free sample of a hot, fresh, melt in your mouth, doughnut! By "sample" I don't mean a bite, I mean the whole hot thing!

She is such a good friend, indeed! I can smell the doughnuts even now.

Happy Noshing,

PS, Krispy Kreme didn't put me up to this and isn't paying me to endorse their fried bits of yum.

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