Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Melting Pot

While on our honeymoon a few years back, my Captain America and I splurged for one special dinner. I had heard of The Melting Pot from my brother and his wife, and so I made special plans to treat my new husband and his new wife to the experience.

We read the menu outside the door. My love had a difficult time with the prices next to the menu choices, but I had come preparred for that. I calmly and soothingly assured him that I had been calmly and soothingly assured that this would be well worth the price. A honeymoon memory that we'd rave about for years to come. Then we took a deep breath and marched inside. It isn't that we were totally broke, it's just that we'd spent most of our wedding savings on, well, the wedding. So, we were totally broke. That was the last doubt we had. We found we had the option of choosing dinner with dessert, or with out dessert. Though we weren't sure how filling our meal would be, we were sure we might want to find another dessert spot later. So we opted for a three course meal of appetizer, salads, and entree.

Once we chose our menu we became absorbed in the atmosphere of the restaurant and the amazing heat source built right into our table. We marveled that they had huge tables that could accommodate large parties and vowed to bring our families back with us. Our first course arrived and was the cheese fondue. We chose something of a beer and cheese combination which was spiced to perfection and came with all sorts of delish dippers. We had bread cubes, tortilla chips, and even some apple chunks.

For our salad course we chose according to our preferences and my salad was a spring mix with strawberries, mandarine oranges, and feta cheese. Captain America opted for the mushroom salad. Look closely, I could have counted the lettuce leaves but not the paper thin mushroom slices. He was in fungus heaven.

By the time the third course arrived we were thanking God that we hadn't ordered the chocolate dessert fondue! We were served up a variety of meats and veggies that we really tried to finish. It wasn't meant to be.

There was a mound of chicken, some tasty shrimps, duck, beef, pork, and pot stickers. That was just the meat tray.

For vegetables, we were brought a big bowl of potatos, mushrooms, and broccoli. The cooking stock for the meat and veg course was a wine and beef stock with many delicious herbs and spices thrown in for just the right flavor.

All of this took place nearly four years ago. We haven't had a chance to get back to the nearest Melting Pot, but we haven't missed a chance to send friends, family, or strangers to their door. This isn't meant to be a plug for the eatery, I haven't been paid to tell you about this, but I will tell you anyway that you won't regret having your dinner at this fantastic restaurant!

Oh yeah, and we were so full we could barely walk through Forrest Park after dinner.


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