Friday, August 12, 2011

To The World's Greatest Husband, Captain America!

I love you.

I have loved you from the first time we kissed, right after I schooled you in basketball in my driveway, On December 28, 1996.

I love those crinkly crinkles you have at the corners of your eyes.

I love the sparkly silver hair that you let the barber buzz off twice a month.

I love your broken collarbone bump.

I love that scar on your head, the one I always have to ask about because it happened when you were young and I can never remember how.

I love your skin.

I love your lips.

I love your son and that freckle on his top lip.

I love you, your patience and your impatience, your smile and your frown, your scalding hot shower and freezing cold house and the combination of the two that steams up the bathroom and frizzes up my hair.

You're the answer to years of prayers and I'll love you forever.

Happy Anniversary.


  1. So sweet! Happy Anniversary to you both! :-)

  2. Thank you so much... I said somewhere here when I first began posting that I would eventually share our story, I still will. Everyday is an answer to my prayers. :)