Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Ready

My husband and I have planned to be foster parents for quite sometime. We began our training about a year and a half ago but put it on hold due to his active duty military status, not because he was active duty but because he was away from home during the time we needed to finish our training. Now that he's home, cross your fingers, we'll be able to begin our training again. We have learned that we need to get some things taken care of first though.

Item #1
Neuter the d.o.g. - don't tell him. He's a wild man and he's a high jumper. Not so much fun for the little ones who come to visit. So, we've been told that he could be mellowed out this way. Poor little brat.

Item #2
Register the d.o.g. - I know, I know.

Household check-ups
Make sure all the smoke detectors work.
Child proof cabinets that have cleaning supplies (or get rid of all chemical cleaning supplies).
Child proof outlets.

Item #4
Re-start foster parent course!

Easy stuff huh?

Could anyone help me decide where to take the poor pitiful doggie woggie?

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