Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tis The Season for...Birthdays!!!

Man oh man, let the parties begin! I have at least 5 important women in my life who have birthdays all within 30 days of one another. That doesn't even count the minimum of 7 children who also fall within or very close to those same 30 days! Once the holidays pass, we gear up for birthday season in this family! If there's anything I love as much as Christmas, it's birthdays! I think the idea of a person having their own special day, all about them, with the possibility of being perfect is the most idealistic fantastic and marvelous thing in the world! I think every one should feel loved on their birthdays, even if they don't deserve it. In the same way I love to find Christmas gifts so perfect for the person who opens it, I love to birthday shop! I shop weeks, even months in advance in some cases! Oh, and I am a sucker for a sappy birthday card, especially Hallmark...
So, here's to all you special people in my life who are about to have your special days.

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