Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cleaning Day, really.

I've been working half the night away each night this week so far, last week it was all night each night. I ended up sleeping all day which is fine since I was working all night but I end up feeling like my day is gone and I miss things, like normal business hours.
Today I worked in the garage, getting a bunch of clutter cleared out. The garage tends to be the catch-all for car cleaning. I hate it. It's gross. I always feel gross when I'm out there. Like I have a spider on me...
I also cleaned my bathrooms, dusted the ceiling fans (that makes for a proud mom and mother-in-law, haha), did some laundry, cleaned the clutter piles from the laundry room, and organized the linen closet. So, I've been busy, but I still don't feel like I'm doing anything. I still need to replant my tomatoes that I killed when I moved the seedlings to a bigger pot, same story for the zucchini. The problem is...the new puppy. Yes, the honeymoon is over. Every seed I have planted in the backyard this spring has been dug up. Like, big holes. Lettuce, spinach, potted flowers (okay, I let that happen), and my bird and butterfly mix too. I'm not whining or sad about it, okay I am actually but I'm also perplexed. I have been told blood meal will keep the pets out. I guess I need to get my hands on some of that.
Josh and Bailey will be home this weekend, and next weekend, and the next weekend, I think. We have no plans and no obligations. Except for a baby shower that I just opted out of, sadly. We do have some model airplanes to put together, some new kites to fly, a puppy in the backyard who needs to be loved, and some new Frisbees too! I am so ready for this.

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