Monday, April 18, 2011

The Sweetest Little Thing

Addi is dainty and sweet and loves to wear dresses! She likes church dresses, play dresses, dress-up dresses, princess dresses, long dresses, summer dresses, any dresses! She has a soft little heart and she's smart and kind and graceful. She was born with pretty red hair (her momma says brown) that turned into gold, and pretty pink lips that stayed pretty and pink, she was so tiny and adorable and sure didn't out grow that! When she was a baby Grandma Cheryl said she looked like me (when I was a baby) but as she's gotten to be a big girl she looks so much like her beautiful cousin Emilie. I think of it almost every time I look at her. She fell in love with her Uncle Josh from the moment she laid eyes on him. If he was in the room, forget about holding her. She only had eyes for him (or Mom and Dad).
I love to hear her voice and the things she talks about and to hear her sing. I love the way she says my name, she says the sound of the letter "A" like in Apple and I will never get tired of it. I love to watch her play alone or whisper and giggle with her sister. I love to read her stories and snuggle with her. I love love love her sweetness.
I am so proud of these children that my brother and his beautiful wife have brought into our family.
I am so happy to love you Addisyn. Happy 5th Birthday!

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