Saturday, April 16, 2011


When I met my darling step-son he was about 2 years old I think. The little stinker mauled my glasses and I had to get a new pair. Then next time I met him he was 5 years old and I hoped I would love him and that he would at least like me a little.
I was meeting him and his dad at my favorite state park and was running late. I hadn't been feeling well but didn't want to miss the fun, so I put the pedal to the metal and zoomed the hour and a half drive to the park.
When I pulled into the parking space beside them, there was this little brown head and these two blue eyes peeking out the window at me. I hopped out of my car and the boys climbed out of theirs and then it hit me. The same thing that EVERYONE says when they meet any combination of my husband, his dad, or Bailey; Oh my gosh you look just like your dad/grandpa/son. I said it. The three of them are almost identical, except that they keep getting better looking. haha.
So once I got over the shock of seeing Josh as a child, we headed down the path and up to a nice big hike. Before we were half way up Bailey and I realized we were in love. We held hands, snuggled up at dinner, and I even got a kiss goodnight. From that very first moment, I have never wanted to let him go.
Happy 11th Birthday Bailey Scott. I'll try not to slobber all over you while you're going through these cool guy years, but I really love you.

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