Monday, April 25, 2011

Intervention Needed

I think I have an addiction. It isn’t normal, as in it isn’t recognized as or categorized with other more common addictions. The thing about addictions is that they can be hard to recognize by the person who is addicted. Sometimes it isn’t until problems arise from the behavior that it becomes apparent. Please don’t judge me; I am going to tell you about it.
I have just realized my problem and it was only because of my wonderful and kind sister-in-law that it came to light. It’s Tupperware. Not just the name brand stuff either, if could be Rubbermaid or some other sturdy food storage contraption. Before you roll your eyes (or if you already have) let me underscore the problem by admitting that I once paid $80 for a set of 3 (very nice) metal mixing bowls with non-skid bases, a thumb hook, and pour spout, complete with perfectly fitting rubber lids for storage. They’re very nice.
There. I said it. In my own defense I don’t know what prompted me to put that kind of money into mixing bowls except that I was at a home party and wanted to buy something but only something that I actually needed. For some reason the fact that they were $80 didn’t seem to the time.
It came to a head tonight when I realized I had left my 2 containers of fondant at my SIL’s house and then I realized which containers they were -insert gasp- . I shot off a quick text to let her know what I had done and asked her to please save them for me. I might have also said that I would like them returned to me filled with something delicious (I have no shame). She replied by informing me that I also had one of hers (I have no shame), and then called me grandma. It was that moment that I realized and admitted to having a problem. Send help.

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