Monday, June 14, 2010

Strawberry Banana Cupcakes

These are the cupcakes I told you about long ago! V8 and fresh strawberries make the major difference in these cupcakes from a box! As you can see, this is a typical cake mix. I replaced the water with the V8 Fusion and added about 4 lg strawberries.

The batter was such a yummy looking pink and it smelled so good! I'm a typical over-stirrer and so I really tried to watch that this time because I wanted to see what kind of difference the ingredience really would make.

I used a (or not so regular since I seem to make it up as I go along) buttercream frosting, since it's my favorite and because I love the way it pipes on and looks so pretty. The batter turned out beautifully though lost a lot of the pink hue, I suppose I should have tried it with egg whites only so the yellow of the yolk didn't take over the light pink... I'll try that again and let you knowhow it goes.

Although I did not see my mother-in-law, this was in honor of her birthday.

That brings up a question I have in my mind now and then. I be saying my "step-mother-in-law" when it's really my father-in-law's wife, and not actually my husband's mother?

I just wish she could have tried one!

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