Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Little Tree

Gotta tell ya about this.

I did much work today. Much too much work I think!

See this tree? Well a few weeks ago I bought about 14 of these, two are getting very close to dead and so I decided to get someone to dig my holes for me and then I could do the rest.

Did you hear me say 14? Let's just say un-digging a hole is not as easy as it looks. I did eight trees, (the captain helped with the other 6 the next day and he was done in no time) one of them was a possible waste of my strength and energy since it's looking very dead at this point. I'm going to pray over it, and it'll probably turn out to be the biggest one.

Even before the digging though, I went to Lowe's and bought 7 bags of this top soil and 7 bags of manure, and 2 bags of potting soil. They told me 1/2 soil & 1/2 manure for each tree. So I switched my cart for a double decker shelf on wheels looking thing, and loaded all 16 of my 40 lb bags up onto it, then I dragged it down the aisle until I saw a super turbo trolley thing, this was like a lumber hauling cart, just what I needed! So I re-loaded all the bags of, well, crap, onto the new cart from heaven and hauled it right up to the check out. The lady was mortified to see me. I guess she had assumed that I was asking about the amount of dirt I needed because I was buying the trees. So I explained to her that I already had my trees at home and now wanted to plant them, in dirt. She humbly said that a guy could have "quick loaded" them right into my car and pointed out pallets and pallets of the same stuff I had just spent 15 minutes tossing back and forth. My eyes crossed. Then I went home and made 16 trips back and forth across my yard, 40 lbs was about my max at that point, delivering the bags to the approximate area that I thought I'd need them.

By then the sun was high and burning my neck, but I was not ready to give up. All I could think about was that poor tree, dying in the heat with shrivled roots and no one to care for it. Must. Plant. Trees. Nothing else mattered, until that brown little guy was in the ground, after that, it was all about me again, those other green giants could wait!

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