Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Years Resolutions

It's getting to be that time. I know you're probably thinking that I should let Christmas get here first but by the time the parties are over and family gets home the time has practically run out. So this is just a little nudge to say, "Hey, think about what you'd like to do differently in the up coming year."
So, start with what you loved about this year and intend to include those in your life as much as possible, whether it's an activity, special people, or a park you visited. Chose to keep those enjoyable experiences as regular as possible. Something as little as making your children's favorite meal reduces dinner time scuffles and helps to keep the mood light hearted.
For myself, I always add "lose weight" to my list. If you have something that you find difficult to do, like quitting smoking, add it anyway, you have a whole year! Don't beat yourself up for not getting it done, but purpose to come to a place in your heart, mind, or soul, that wants to do it. If you quit a bad habit at the urging of others, you wont enjoy the victory. If you quit for yourself, everyday is a win!
This year I plan to have 3 items on my list, not to check off one by one, but to work on for the whole year. As usual, I'll have "lose 20 lbs!" but a couple of other things on the list will be less about the outside and more about the inside, like maybe eat raw one meal a day or smile at every driver who causes me some frustration. I'll probably have some Spring cleaning listed and maybe a goal for my work too. I might even say "Eat cheesecake!" because, really, everyone wants to be good at something!

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