Thursday, December 1, 2011

Drill Weekend

My usual pithy thoughts about "sleeping single in a double (or king sized) bed" and throwing parties for all the neighbor kids aren't that funny this weekend. For one thing, it's a four day weekend so I'm not as brave as I usually am for the two day weekends that happen all the rest of the months. For another thing, it's the prep weekend for deployment which is coming right up. There will be another set of orders to report for duty between this weekend and deployment but, its still a practice run for me.
I had planned to tag along for this drill but neither of us can really justify me sitting in a hotel room for 4 long days with no way to work or accomplish anything. There are just too many things happening at home right now. The first of which is a shopping night for the family our lifegroup (small group with church) has adopted for Christmas. I don't need to offer any expert shopping opinion but I do need to show up with some cash. Then on Sat we're helping out at a community thing, I might have some smiling faces show up at my door this weekend, and Sunday is the Christmas pageant that 3 children from lifegroup are going to be playing in. So, to miss all that just to read and swim all day seems kinda silly, doesn't it?
On an up note, my darling husband did schedule some leave without pay for a few days before his next duty so I'll get to see him during the holiday rush and we'll spend a little time traveling to visit friends and family too.

I don't feel cheated or ripped off to miss drill, after all! I'm glad we had this talk.

PS - Happy December! I Christmas shopped last night, and I'm almost done!

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