Friday, December 2, 2011

Last Time I Checked

I weighed myself last about 4 days before Thanksgiving, on the way to lifegroup to have taco night! :) I have to use my Mom's scale because, well because I don't like any one else's scale, and hers is really nice, and digital, and because every time I step on it I begin lose weight like crazy. I was scared to do it though. Because I was really hungry over the Summer and I gained. A lot.

So, I happened to be at Mom's on Nov 20, so I got up my nerve to take a peek. Then I went to eat tacos. Then I made two cheesecakes for Thanksgiving and ate at least a half of one over the next couple of days. Of course I also had Thanksgiving dinner (though I didn't go crazy I wasn't really watching it either, I just prefer to have cheesecake more than anything else). Then we had Thanksgiving again with my ugly little brother and his beautiful wife and darling children where we had more cheesecake type food and smoked turkey, sweet potatoes, honey ham, green beans, dinner rolls, fresh pineapple, stuffing, pumpkin dessert, even some salad. So this is to say that we didn't eat "lightly", or at least, I didn't. That was the day I saw the Going Raw dvd by Judita Wignall - told ya a lil bout that yesterday, remember? So I sipped a tiny tiny bit a chia because mom and Heather were making me look bad and I hated it (the chia seed and the looking bad). Then I went home and probably ate more cheesecake, and pumpkin dessert, then the next day some banana bread I made for Thanksgiving morning, a little ice cream, and there was that buy one get one free Starbucks deal they ran for 4 days from the 17-20. I had my precious steppy son so we took advantage daily. The very next day I started to think about the DVD I had seen the day before. So that's when I opened the book Going Raw. I told you about the veggie juice that I've had twice now, I made a smoothie another day, and I already sang about the chia pudding, toss in some Ezekiel bread because I'm always having that.

Now, this cheesecake everyday for every meal business is not normal, but it has been known to happen if some one's had a birthday or three. We like cheesecake and it's a cinch to make. I could eat it every day. Not kidding. I have recently had it from breakfast too.

So (I'm about to make my point), all that info was to brace you for the shock of finding out that not only did I not gain weight between Nov 20 (that day I weighed) and today, but that I have lost a little more than 5 lbs in the last 12 days, and Thanksgiving was only a week ago. Do you think is was the cheesecake? ;)

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