Thursday, June 23, 2011

Merciful Hearts

Mt heart is heavy for the people in this world who have such humongous burdens to carry and to live with. I am thinking of people who have lost their homes, their family, and their livelihood. People who have lived through tragedy and trauma and also those who just live each day with a pain from a broken heart. Thinking of these people has helped me to see that the little things in life are sometimes the big things, and that the things we think are big, are many times pretty small. It has also brought me to a place where I count my blessings everyday. Blessings that are usually taken for granted like running water, working Internet, a dependable vehicle, loving family and friends, and most of all, the love of God.
I believe that the love of God is shown by us, and through us, best of all in how we treat others. If we use our "kind" and "polite" words to scrape our boots on some one's face, to demand their humiliation, then we have not shown God's love, but our own shameful sin.
God has called us to show mercy, to offer forgiveness, and to love one another long before we are asked to do so. As Christians, that is our honor. So next time you know you have the right to publicly call someone out, remember that Christ has the right to call you out too, and He gives you mercy and forgiveness instead.
Everyone you meet is fighting some battle, so speak kindly and show mercy. Forgive them before they ask you to, and even if they never do.

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