Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day Ice Cream - Pioneer Woman Style

That means I am making Pioneer Woman's vanilla ice cream for Father's Day. Because my husband is a father. Because he loves vanilla ice cream. And because I bought an ice cream maker for him, for Father's Day. He'll probably crown me with it but I really think we'll get a lot of good use out of it this Summer. I'm going to take it when we go camping.

I just went to wulmert where they had no vanilla beans. I'm totally shocked because my little local store usually has everything I'm looking for. NOT. I didn't want to run into the big city for a second time today so I picked up a bottle of "pure" vanilla. We can't have any imitation vanilla mixing with full fat cream and half and half can we? No. We can't. I am sad to say that I am using the white sugar that is called for rather than some healthy alternative because, well, I want it to be perfect the first time. After I get it perfect I'll experiment and risk messing it up.

Enough about me, here's the details.

I doubled Pioneer Woman's double batch and basically followed Ree's instructions but I forgot to double the sugar, so I left it that way since it tasted pretty darn sweet to me. It's really good. I also felt that the custard had "broke" which is the only word I know for what happened, the cream separate from the... water? So my life-saver-mother suggested the magic bullet (or in my case the Bullet Express) to smooth it out. That did the job; it's sooo perfect and smooth! I have yet to put it into the ice-cream freezer/maker but that'll happen on Saturday morning just in time to spoil our lunch. Can't wait!
Okay, this is a secret gift, the secret should be safe since my darling husband never reads my blog... don't tell him, okay? I'm a bad secret keeper so, help me Rhonda!

Check back later to see pictures that I have taken/will be taking of the results.

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