Friday, May 13, 2011

Divorce Awareness Month: Get Your Act Together.

I bet you wonder what I'm going to say about that, huh. Okay, I'll sum it up for you in case you'd like to roll your eyes and stop reading.
Get out of your pajamas and do your hair and make-up.
Sometimes I find myself doing this as my husband's walking through the door. There are lots of reasons that I am not dressed and ready first thing in the morning. For one thing, I am never up first thing in the morning, and we can call reason number 2 laziness. I do have something better in line for the next reason though, and that is I generally like to do my dirty work before I shower. The dirtiest work ever is cleaning in the garage. I hate to even set foot out there if I don't have shoes on. So I wear my ugliest clothes and my dirtiest hair on garage days and yard work days. Same goes for cleaning bathrooms and mopping though. So, now that all those great reasons for not being properly dressed and fresh are out of the way, lets move on.

Your husband loves you just as you are. He thinks you're pretty. So if you're bald, or one-eyed, or if you have chicken pox, it's okay! No matter what you look like though, you can take a shower and give your husband an attractive wife to hang out with. I know what its like to work all week and look forward to spending the weekend in sweats. It's a nice treat. Don't let it be a habit. Give yourself a limit like one day a month. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good... well, every body's happy. Grab some nail polish and shine up your toes, scrub your face, brush your teeth, and get dressed. Make that your habit. Take some time each week to soak in the tub, relax, and feel pretty. Even if you only have 5 mins; a little bit goes a long way. Now, what about the rest of yourself? Do you need to lose some weight? Start taking a walk everyday and quite drinking pop (soda). I am telling you, those two things can change your life. Just Do It!

Guys. You thought I wasn't going to say anything to you, didn't you? Well I do have something to say. Get rid of your holey underwear. We gals aren't the "visual" types in general but somethings just gotta go. That's all I'm going to say since I don't have a lot of experience in your department. Maybe I'll have my Captain America do a guest post.

There's more.

This one is big.

The most important thing about yourself.

Get yourself together on the inside.

Pray. Every. Single. Day.

I am not talking about "Now I lay me down to sleep" kind of praying either. You know in your heart who you are. If who you are inside isn't good, isn't pretty, isn't even nice, then you know it. Sister I am telling you that who you are and your relationship with God is the number one thing you can change. That change will make the number one difference in your life and your marriage. Be honest with yourself and with God, and ask God to make you beautiful. On the inside. Who you are on the inside is the best gift you can give your husband, your children, and your family, but mostly yourself. If you have your life together and everything looks perfect on the outside but you find yourself talking bad about your friends (or with your friends), being snide and caustic, or holding on to a nasty attitude, then you need to fix it. Close your door, open your bible, and start cleaning up your act.


  1. I love this one Amy, you come up with some great messages!Keep up the great work!:D

  2. Thank you for telling me, Amy. Usually I write as if I'm speaking to someone who might read this in 5 years. I'm always surprised to realize you all are reading, never *really* think people read it right now. Thank you for commenting (and thank you for reading).