Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Divorce Awareness Month and Your Children

Here's a great song that my little brother introduced me to. His little girls helped him sing it at their church.

Here are some links and lyrics to a couple of really great (maybe a little hokey) songs to make you think.

Broken Pieces, By: Steve and Annie Chapman. I used to listen to it as a child, never knowing that the pain caused by divorce would one day invade and destroy my life. It's a pretty old song and I can't find the lyrics online so I'll write them out for you soon.

Here's another song by the same couple. It's called
Daddy Please Find a Reason

My wife and I used to fight a lot - not anymore
Since the night we found our little boy standing in our door
He over heard me saying “ I can’t find a reason to stay"
But on my way out, I kissed him goodbye that’s when I heard him say

Daddy please find a reason to stay with my mama
We both love you daddy please don’t leave
And if you cant find a reason daddy,
I wouldn’t mind if you want that reason to be me.

Well it must have been the Lord that night
speaking through my child cause I cant begin to tell you
all the good things God has done
His precious love brought healing and I fell in love with my wife
that’s been a long long time ago and our love is still alive
Thank you Lord, Thank you ..


  1. I love that first song... thank you so much for sharing it!

  2. You're very welcome, thanks for listening to it. :)