Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Time To Kill/Project Rescue

First of all, I haven't had any extra time at all! I spent yesterday (Tuesday) taking my mom to the airport in Kansas City, then I spent the night with Captain America... but not at his barracks. No.
I got home this morning in time to take a quick shower, throw on my pretty granny dress, Skype with my momma who landed safely in Europe (but never called to say so), and head out to the mall. I sampled peanut brittle there today. See's Candy has the best peanut brittle. That isn't all I sampled though... I also had a Bordeaux, sugar free dark chocolate almond clusters, a regular almond cluster, and a couple of other things that I just can't put my finger on. It's my job, I have to know what I'm selling here people, okay?

Now, the real reason I'm still up is so that I can tell you about a fashion show and clothing re-sale shop that was held at my church James River Assembly of God in Ozark, MO. The women of the church were asked to donate their new or gently used clothing for an indoor sale that would happen the night of our women's rally. The proceeds of the sale, and any clothing that wasn't purchased, would then be donated to an organization called Project Rescue. The mission is to rescue women and children who have been sold into sexual slavery in India and Nepal. Project Rescue provides medical care and safe houses to rescued victims as well as a safe place for the children of sex workers during their mother's working hours, which keeps the children out of brothels. I have barely scratched the surface here but I hope to learn more about their mission and figure out how I can help raise awareness. Please visit their website and if you feel compelled to help. One of the greatest ways to do so is to send a donation. Start with a $20 and see if you even miss it. Go out to dinner once less this month, it'll be so worth it. Read the touching story of how it all began. Most of all, pray for these women and children as well as the people who are helping them. There are many resources on the Project Rescue website, I encourage you to look over them and find out how you can raise awareness in your own family, church, school, workplace, and community.

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