Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Okay, Confession Time

I have switched out a few shirts for the Summertime.
I also bought a dress the day before yesterday! Whoa, that was a great feeling! I still don't have the nerve to wear the dress but I'm planning to!
I have made a few exceptions to the rules and pulled a top or two from my closet now and then. Maybe 5 times.There are four months left though and I have to say it's been a good experience. I am sure I've saved a load of money by not buying things I think I need. I've been making do with the pants that I have on hand and have switched out 2 pair for Summer shorts, which I'll switch back in the Fall. I fell like that's cheating but it is my rule and I am the only one doing this.
Overall, I am happy with the way this has gone. I do feel like I could have been doing a little better job on it. I'll stick with it until Thanksgiving though and not beat myself up for my failures though. I like to take it easy on myself. :)

I had S'mores last weekend. Captain America put peanut butter on our graham crackers before we added the chocolate and marshmallow. Talk about delicious!
Speaking of Captain America, have you noticed he has a movie coming out?? Yep, that's my man!

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