Tuesday, March 22, 2011


There once were two sisters who were pretty as could be. Their Momma and Daddy said they were expecting number three! I figured there would be another sweet little sister who would be a perfect little playmate. Then they told us this one would be different. This was someone who would wear blue, and green. He would play BALL and climb trees! A boy! I just could not imagine what this boy would look like, or act like, or do! Finally, there came the day to meet him. He was so precious and sweet, breathtaking right from the start. As he got a little bigger he seemed to be a snuggle-er, then he learned to smile and the sky burst forth with sunshine. He was so charming! He charmed the world and the world charmed him. He never stops smiling and loving his life, every time he smiles you can see it in his eyes. He's a sweet little brother and he love love loves his mother! He's a perfect little boy who looks just like his father!

Happy 1st Birthday Marshall! I love you to the moon!

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