Friday, March 18, 2011

Emilie Marie

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful Emilie in the world. You are precious and sweet and everyday I love you more. You were born early in the morning, early enough that I drove to the hospital as the sun rose. It was the most beautiful sunrise I'll ever remember watching. There was so much pink in the sky that I knew it was for you. I heard a song on the radio during that drive. It talked about this baby that was born and changed the world. I knew that was for you too. It's called All Because Two People Fell in Love, by Brad Paisley. My favorite part is this: Baby there ain't nothing not affected When two hearts get connected All that is, will be, or ever was. I'm glad your dad could not resist Your mother's charms, and you exist; All because two people fell in love. So of course your sappy aunt bawled all the way to the hospital, just like I am right now. I love you pretty girl, Happy 10th Birthday!

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