Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today there was a commercial shot at my house! There was a camera man, a key grip (I think), and even a director, they were so great!
The whole deal is that my Mom's friend was hired to try out a product, then choose her favorite recipe and make that for the commercial. After they filmed the process she was then interviewed about her experience with the product. The only problem was that she needed to use her own kitchen for the site, and that was in the middle of a re-model... do you see where this is leading? To my house!

Here's the fun:

This is the camera man, Scott and the lady I called the Key grip, Nakita. I'll research her official title and make sure that's correct. In the photo below they had just begun setting the scene and getting all the lights right. Oh, and that gal in blue is the star of the show, Tricia!

Here's Rob the director with Tricia.

Rob and Nakita dealing with some details. Getting things just right.

Finally, here she is making' pizza! That was some really great pizza!

What an exciting and interesting experience that was! My kitchen is famous now, but without those lights, it'll never be the same.

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