Saturday, August 7, 2010

Silver Dollar City

I didn't tell you about our Silver Dollar City trip.

This is the School of Culinary Arts that was added a few years ago. For a $10 bill you can join in the fun and sample the goods.

Another newer addition (though not the new-est) is this area for younger kids. This roller coaster is gentle enough that the more timid of your babes will still get to ride. Mom or Dad can ride too.

The Silver Dollar Saloon has my favorite show! The show changes with the seasons and always brings a laugh.

The General Store has fun stuff to see and to buy. A lite snack of just-sliced cheese with a bit of jerky can keep ya going another hour and can be found here too.

After the day is over and the rides have all closed there's a show in the amphitheater. There's music, dancing, comedy, and food. A great way to end the day and rest your feet before heading home, or to your hotel, or even your tent!

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