Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seaside, FL

I've been awake since 6:00! If you've noticed that I post after midnight but usually before 4 or 5 am, then you know how odd it is that I'm waking at this time of day, instead of tucking myself in. Here's why; we were expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy last night! My lil' guy was so excited that he just couldn't make himself go to sleep. He was up and down I don't know how many times trying to give the Tooth Fairy opportunity to sneak in and make the big switch! To prove that I wasn't the TF I had to hop into bed a few hours early... this is the stunning result!

I have so much to tell you! My family and I returned last week from 9 days in Florida. Just the very edge of Florida, just far enough to count. I took millions of pictures but left most of them on my captian's laptop, which he has, in Florida. There are a few that I can show you though, of a little town that we'll always love to visit, called Seaside.

See? Seaside. They have the best everything in Seaside. It's true.

The best little park, with the best walk down either side. The best benches, best tables, even people doing yoga in the grass.

They have the best shops.

The best, and I mean best, little market store that I've ever walked my boots into. I'll take one of everything please.

The best farmer's market. This is a booth for a restaurant in Ft Walton Beach called Ali Baba Grill Cafe, I googled it for you there. Behind that bottled water is a pan of Baklava, did I try some? No. Am I still crying? Yes.

The best places to eat or drink.

The best sandy path that leads to the ocean.

Even the best beach with the best ocean salt water. Ever.

People, this doesn't even come close.

Go to Seaside, you'll thank me

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