Monday, November 19, 2012

Don't Be A Statistic

Be the one who stays despite their feelings and desires, be the one who says; "I choose to put my commitment to love honor and cherish ahead of my desire to feel good or follow my dreams".   Your commitment is not to stay married, it is to stay in love, in love with the one you promised and swore and vowed with all your heart to love forever - until you die. So for awhile you may feel like a resistant groom in an arranged marriage, you might look at your wife and only see who she isn't. Eventually, though, you'll start to laugh with her about something your child said, then you'll laugh with her over something that you wouldn't laugh at with anyone else; you'll start seeing who she is, things that she does just because she knows you like it, or sees you need it. You'll feel yourself loving her in a way that you've never loved before, you'll love her for her and not for  what you can get from her.  You'll thank God you did what was right in his eyes. The thought of what you almost threw away will sicken you to the core. If you do leave, all of this may take place anyway and it'll be too late, you'll realize what you threw away, and it will STILL sicken you to your core. Your pride will keep you in your seat but your heart will never be the same.  This works for wives to husbands too.

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