Sunday, August 19, 2012

No Apologies!

I have a firm, no guilt, policy for my blog... Never say sorry for not writing. I've read it a hundred times on other blogs and it ALWAYS sounds so dumb in my head. Like I was waiting on the telephone on hold for 3 weeks. So sorry, but I won't say sorry! I love you though and I am blogging in my heart every day!

In other news, I think we might be moving! We've been led on by a lender, with a closing date that came and went, for nearly 60 days! So we finally got smart and we're talking with another lender. We should have a definite answer on Wednesday...with a closing date I hope!

Our ideal situation is that we move out of our tiny but 4 years new cookie cutter house and into a spacious and rather interesting 42 year old house. Oh the kitchen! Oh the rec room! Oh the huge garage and giant shed in the back yard! I am ready for some counter space, an extra cupboard or two, and some shelves to organize all my crap in the garage! I have totes, three or four, filled with gift bags, tissue paper, shirt boxes, and loads of ribbon. I love to wrap gifts, but in my current situation I would have to be an acrobat to get to my supplies! Don't even let me start on the stash of Easter/Valentine's Day fun I have in another tote or the millions of totes filled with Christmas decor. I will myself to purge the stuff that I have held onto and not used. This is going to be so refreshing!

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