Monday, February 27, 2012

Food For ... Thought.

In your marriage - or any relationship really. Especially your marriage though because, man, living with someone gets frustrating! Your spouse or friend, mother, brother, whoever, was not created to make you happy, to maintain your sense of well being, or to cheer you up.

You were not created even to BE happy. You were created to glorify God by becoming holy through a lifetime of trusting in God through all of your circumstances. God is not a magic genie that pops out to make our dreams and wishes come true. God is God. For us to adore, worship, fear, revere, trust, honor, glorify, and love.

So do not rely on your spouse to make your day brighter, make theirs brighter, don't wait for them to complement you, complement them, serve God by loving your spouse as God has loved us. Thoroughly, unconditionally, never ending(ly), always when you don't feel like it or don't want to, and especially when they don't deserve it, because we never have deserved Gods love, and we never will.

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