Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have a very special friend, named Kayce, who has brought many wonderful people into my life in the last 10 years. She has introduced me to her wonderful family, her wonderful in-laws, and her wonderful friends. Recently a couple of them have gotten married and my mom and I have been blessed and honored to be able to participate in their beautiful days.

First, Kristin and Seth asked for a help with the set-up and serving of their delicious wedding dinner. The wedding reception was held at this charming farm that hosts all kinds of events but I like their weddings best. It's called Peabody's Farm and you can check them out on facebook for some great pictures and details. On their farm they have a wonderful barn where any indoor event is held upstairs. They can accommodate a sit-down dinner, a bar, and dancing too. They're super people and do a super job.

Kristin and Seth served up some awesome appetizers for the guests before the dinner was brought out.

and dinner was started with a couple of great salads and some crunchy toppings,

for the main dish they served BBQ meat next to hot delicious vegetables and a variety of rolls.

Everything about the event was filled with fun and delight, and deliciousness! Last week Kristin came to visit and she brought a treat of cheese fondue and another of chocolate fondue to share with my mom and I, in honor on my birthday. She is such a kind and giving person and we were so blessed to be part of her wedding day. She really makes a great fondue too!

A few weeks after Kristin and Seth's wedding, my wonderful friend, Kayce, e-mailed me to ask if we were up to making and serving cake for another wedding! My first thought was "how fun!" and we said yes instantly. This was to be the wedding of Kayce's sister-in-law, Ciara. She's very girly and sweet and loves the vintage look, everything about the day was sweet and antique. She had a specific cake in mind, red velvet, with a specific style to it. I loved it immediately and I think you will too.


We also made a few sheet cakes in marbled chocolate and vanilla with a buttercream frosting. They really were delicious to eat and to look at! The day was a dream and the details were so beautiful and perfect. Again, we were just so blessed to be a part of it and had such a wonderful time.

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