Thursday, September 8, 2011

Making Yogurt... and plans.

My yogurt turned out so well last batch that I can't resist having it again, fast! Since we ate up the last of the last batch last night I'm cooking up a new batch today! Wow, I sure hope it's as great as the last one. High expectations for this batch!

As for the plans... I am going to the Air Force base next week and I think we're actually going to buy a truck! Those are connected, you may not see, by me. I have to go along in order to drive one of the vehicles back. Probably the car, if you get my drift. No more renting big U-haul trucks to move, no more wishing for a truckload of free local mulch (I know I know), I just love thinking about having the ability to haul our own stuff around! I better make plans for an early Autumn camping trip too. Size matters, we're only looking at truck that are big enough to haul all of our projected children around, well, most of them anyway... We'll be safe if we stop at three but if we space them out then my stepson will be driving too and maybe he'd drive one or two of his little siblings around. :) Just dreaming here. Just think of all the friends we'll be able to help when they need to move now... just ask!

Best of all my stepson is a 5th grader this year and so we'll be going to his first ever football game next week! So many wonderful Fall things are happening! I love the Fall best of all!

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