Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!

In the Missouri Ozarks and in my heart, the warm sunshine is melting away the long winter. Springtime means fresh hope to me, the promise of life returning after a season of isolation or dormancy. It's been more than 2 years since our (foster) babies moved out. Such a hard and bitterly cold winter for us, and our family. Last year I was buried deep in the snow of sorrow and couldn't see beyond it. That snow has melted and little springtime sprouts are budding all around. It's more than hope, it's a promise. A promise being fulfilled. New lives, new loves, new joys, and new sunshine all around. It was a long and hard winter. I won't say it's okay. It has forever changed the world , as winter does, and I'm glad to be through it. It will be a landmark in time, like the flood of '93 was for those affected by it, or like Katrina for New Orleans and many others. The winter of my heart will not fade in my memory but, it will mark the loss, grief, and the healing of my heart that winter brings to prepare for spring. If you know us, this might scare you. We feel compelled to continue at the risk of further heartache. We have taken steps to open our hearts and our home another child. This time a teen. We've been connected with someone and, in the way that we do, we've found ourselves falling, no, jumping madly into love.

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